Why is measuring your body fat percentage important?

Measuring your body fat percentage is important in order to assess improvement after training or a nutrition plan over a fixed period of time ,and to see if the training program is effective.
What’s the most accurate and cost-effective method?
That would be the caliper method.
Using calipers to pinch and measure the fat in 7 points if you want to be more accurate and using this formula to determine the fat percentage:​​

Here is the formula for males:

  • Bone Density = 1.112 (0.00043499 * (the sum of all seven measurements) + (0.00000055 * Sum of seven measurements squared) – (0.00028826 * age in years)
  • Once you have your bone density figured out, then to calculate your body fat percentage you use:
  • Body Fat Percentage = [(4.95/Bone Density) – 4.5] * 100
  • Bone Density = 1.097 (0.00046971 * (the sum of all seven measurements) + (0.00000056 * Sum of seven measurements squared) – (0.00012828 * age in years)
  • Once you have your bone density figured out, then to calculate your body fat percentage you use:
  • Body Fat Percentage = [(4.95/Bone Density) – 4.5] * 100
    The number you arrive at means your body fat percentage:
If you are 100kg  and your body percentage is 18% it means that 18kg of you is made up of fat and the rest 72 kg is made up of lean muscle mass and bones.
Where can i get calipers to measure my body fat?
“MyProtein” could be one location.
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After getting you calipers here are the points you should measure:

Using a diagonal pinch mark that is located half way between the armpit and the nipple area. If you’re a woman doing this test you should use a pinch that is about one third of the way from the arm pit to the nipple to get a better recording and to get far enough away from the breast tissue.


To take this measurement, raise the arm above the head and then have the partner pinch the skin just below the nipple area on the side of the body.


This location is on the front of the body just above where you see the bone of the hip.


Go directly to the side of your belly button about one inch and take the pinch.


For the thigh measurement, you are to draw an imaginary line down halfway between the knee and the very top of the thigh and take the recording right in the center of the leg.


As the back of the triceps is one place many people tend to store most  of their body fat, for this one you’ll simply pinch the back of the arm about halfway between the shoulder and the elbow where you can tell most of the fat is located.


The 7’th point is to measure the subscapular region which is just directly below where the bone of the shoulder blade is located.

I recommend using the 7 point-skinfold method as it more accurately details what happens with your body.

The Navy fat test
The simplest way to calculate your body fat is the navy fat test.

First you will need a centimenter band.

Second, measure your height or preferably ask someone to measure your height standing straight without your shoes

Third,measure your waist around the navel for men and around the waist with the least width for women .

Measure your neck just bellow the larynx (adam’s apple)

If you are a woman measure your hips .Measure the largest width around your hips.

* For men, use the following formula: % body fat = 86.010 x log10(abdomen – neck) – 70.041 x log10(height) + 36.76 where as
* For women, use the following formula: % body fat = 163.205 x log10(waist + hip – neck) – 97.684 x log10(height) – 78.387

Or, simply use this calculator



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