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The brachial biceps is a muscle situated in the front of the arm.The biceps has 2 heads and 2 points of insertion on the bone.The biceps muscle is important in realizing the flexing of the elbow.

A pair of big and toned brachial biceps will do all of that for you if you take care of them by working them in the proper, smart way.

Here’s what you need to know.

The brachial biceps  is a two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.
The short head of the biceps originates from the coracoid process at the top of the scapula.
The long head originates from the supraglenoid tubercle just above the shoulder joint.
Insertion: (distal attachments)
a. Radial tuberosity.
b. Bicipital aponeurosis to the fascia on the medial side of the forearm:
The main action of the biceps brachii is to flex and supinate the elbow.
The short head of the muscle is responsible for the width of the muscle.
The long head of the muscle is responsible for the peak of the muscle.

How to train each head?

1.If you want to target the long head of the biceps a narrow grip will hit them most and create a bigger peak contraction on that head, and you could also use exercises in which you have your palms facing each other (the palms are in prono-supination)
By doing hammer curls like in the image here you will target the long head more.


To keep it simple while working with a straight bar or a ez curl bar : a narrow grip targets the long head while a wider grip targets the short head.
You can easily adjust the grip on the bar depending on which head you want to target more.
If you are training for hypertrophy always go slowly on the eccentric contraction. The eccentric portion is when the muscle lengthens under load ,on the way down.
This is the area of every movement you want to control by going slowly because this is when the muscle gets the most micro tears and will cause it to grow.
You can also do cheat curls to get the bar up in the concentric contraction if you work it slowly down on the eccentric to overload the muscle.
2.If you want to target the short head use a broad grip on the bar ,and you will feel the interior side of the muscle getting bigger in width.
While doing dumbbell curls strongly supinate the palm because that is when you target the short head the most.
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