Why you should consider not stretching or massaging your back before seeing this explanation.

We all may experience back pain through our life spans. But, the cause of that back pain could be where doctors and other physicists didn’t think to look.

If you are an athlete, a generally active person, or standing all day at the desk the problem could be hip tightness .Yes, you heard me right ,the hip flexors could be too tight and cause an imbalance in the pelvic area.
Here’s how:
Let’s see the hip flexors :
As you can see the origin of the psoas major is on the lateral of the lumbar vertebrae resulting that tightness will cause that muscle to draw the spine forward resulting in a deeper lumbar curvature .
A tense tensor fasciae latae will result in a anterior pelvic tilt ,and probably lateral knee pain or sensibility.
To fight this imbalance the muscles in the lumbar area :the quadratus lumborum, erector spinae , and the glute muscles will try to maintain the pelvis in the neutral position, thus the more tense the hip flexors are the more the muscle on the back side have to fight  to maintain a neutral position and the more they feel hard and painfull.
To balance this you need to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings ,these will stabilize your pelvis in a neutral position .
Doing this simple exercise 3 times a day will do wonders for your pain:
-don’t stretch it untill it hurts
-take it slow
-when breathing out try to extend the hip more
-maintain 30-60 seconds then relax 20 second and do it again
Note: by stretching the hamstrings,lower back muscles when this is the cause of the pain you are only accentuating the problem as the muscles are weaker when stretched and it can cause greater anterior pelvic tilt. This doesn’t mean that you should not stretch them ,but stretch the hip flexors more untill the imbalance is repaired!


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