We all heard that we should squat by putting our feet at shoulder length apart and just squat. But is it all?
Squats are a simple, but effective, exercise Squats target the front part of the leg, as well as the back part of the leg. The way we keep our feet during squatting changes which part of the leg we target more.
Generally, during squats we target the glutes and de quadriceps muscles.
Now i’ll show you how to know your squatting stance according to your bone structure.
While squatting you must keep a neutral lumbar spine arch and prevent it from over “winking” or posterior pelvic tilting.
If you don’t maintain normal bach arch during all the course of the squatting you are putting pressure on the lower back and in time this equals to pain and injury.
 To know how far apart you need to keep your feet take this test:
Start in this position and simply lean backwards starting with feet near one another and then lean back
As you lean back try to retain that neutral position in the lumbar area. If you can’t then move the legs further apart and try again.
When you can remain in neutral position then that’s the position in which you should squat.
Try the same length apart while standing up to be sure. Pointing the feet in the exterior can help aswell.
Always keep  the the back straight and the natural alignment of the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles on the way down and the way up again!
Don’t let your knees cave inward during the upward portion of the squat. This inward motions happens in order to compensate weak glutes.This could, in time put unnecessary pressure on the knees.
Note: If you squat with a narrow stance you will most likely target the quads, if you squat with a wider stance and feet facing outwards you will target the glutes.
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