Achilles tendonitis is a common affection that affects a large percent of the population , whether we are speaking about active individuals or sedentary ones .
Achilles Tendonitis is recognized by :
-tenderness on the sides of the tendon ,when pinching the tendon if it hurts it is a sign.
-pain while stretching the tendon
-pain while doing calf raises in the respective foot
The achiles tendon is located in the back of the ankle and it connects the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) to the bones of your heel and it’s function is to flex and extend the ankle .It is a long tendon the width of the thumb ,you can feel it at the back of the ankle.
You can take different anti inflamatories or supplements like arginine to speed the healing but if you don’t remove the cause you won’t get rid of the pain .
Of course ankle cushion is very important ; a bad pair of shoes may ruin your health.Be sure to invest in a good pair of shoes ,to prevent pains related to shocks.
Usually this inefficiency works up to the respective glute , that glute being underactive aswell.
Pain in the achiles tendon can be associated with a plantar fasciatis. An inflamation of the plantar fascia can lead to ankle pains and soreness. This si caused by standing up for long periods of times or hypothyroidism.
Another cause for achiles tendonitis or plantar fascitiis is an endocrine problem, a dysfunction of the thyroid or an under-active thyroid that can be caused by :
-Low calorie diet
-pre-packaged SOY foods
-methabolic stimulants
(more on this in another article)
What to do then?
These are 3 simple exercises to do that will have instant effect NOW, without the need to take any sort of pills or changing anything in the diet (if the problem is the thyroid)
1.Relax the plantar fascitiis by rolling your foot on a ball ,or cilindric surface, and putting your weight on that leg ;the plantar fascitiis is very tense and needs a lot of pressure to relax.
Roll the ball on all the areas of the foot without feeling pain ,work the pressure gradually.
2.Mobility exercise on the plantar flexion movement ,maintained pasive plantar flexion is efficient to lowering the strain on the tendon. Maintain at least 30 seconds up to 3 mins.
3.When walking ,running think to contract the calf on the upper part of the sore tendon.When standing still try to observe how you distribute your weight, if you distribute it equally on your feet, and try to relax the foot that is more sore.
Execute 20 repetitions at least of ankle flexions/raises on each leg with the conscious action to strongly contract the upper back of the calf . Do this daily 3-4 times a day.
This will activate your gastrocnemius muscles and send a stronger nervous impulse to the legs ,by doing it on a single leg.
It has been studied that both leg training has a weak translation to single functional exercises like jogging ,sprinting,one leg jumps while exercising on a single leg has full translation to both leg exercises.


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