Hydration is important!But:

You surely have been indoctrinated in the common dogma too :

Drink as much water as you can so you don’t get dehydrated.

I’ve gotten in the habit to inspect everything that we take for granted and analyze it again.

Now I’m going to reveal to you how water actually dehydrates you.

             Some are even recommending drinking as much as 4 liters a day.
When you drink tap water or bottled water you drink only a purified filtered liquid devoid of vitamins and minerals and when you go and urinate you eliminate vitamins and minerals.

Do you start seeing the problem?

The more unmineralized natural water you drink the more minerals you lose without putting them back, so you actually get dehydrated
             Of course ,you put some back by eating ,but this is a thing to think about.

             The saying that when thirst occurs you are already dehydrated is just a myth


The body was created highly intelligent ,more intelligent than you or I. You have all the senses and you can perceive hunger, sleep, hot, cold. You can’t believe that the body doesn’t know when it needs water. If you are sweating, by all means drink more water than usual, squeeze a lemon into the water for better hydratation
             The body is an electrical being. All living bodies work on electricity, and have a magnetic field, so it needs minerals to transmit electrical signals through the body. Muscle cramps, brain fog, tingling, numbness all and more are symptoms of lack of nutrients, or lack of ability to transport nutrients to the cells.Always drink water to replenish your electrolites.

             Tap water is the nastiest of them all.

Tap water has chlorine to kill the bacteria.Chlorine will kill some of your good gut bacteria aswell.

It is even fluoridised in some parts of america. It is not such a good choice to whiten your teeth with fluoridised tap water. Tap wateris also highly filtrated having no minerals.

             A doctor even measured the hydration levels of his patients after drinking 5-6 glasses of water ,it’s mind blowing, their hydration levels were even lower after drinking water.
             You surely heard also that the body is 60-80% water ,but it isn’t.
The body is composed of fluids that contain water ,but not pure water,water full of electrolytes (sodium,potassium,calcium,magnesium ,etc).
Not even a percent of your body is composed of pure water ,it’s all in combination with something.
             Here is a chart that may help you to see your hydration levels:
             Fat doesn’t go away by drinking more water. It may make you not eat as much by mechanically filling the stomach.
The digestion gets poorer by diluting the gastric acid .Fats are only fat soluble ,not water soluble ,they don’t disolve in water.

             The best way to hydrate your body is spring water and lots of fruits.

You will notice if you are skinny, because there is not much of fat covering you muscles, that by eating a lot of fruits your muscles get bigger, they get a lot more hydrated.

             Eating a little bit of salt will help with water retention in the cells, increasing hydration.

Don’t eat that nasty stuff: table salt ,or even worse iodised table salt.

Grab yourself some sea salt ,or himalayan pink salt(20% is minerals ,compared to 0% in table salt) it’s really not that much of a price difference when you take in consideration how little you eat a month and if you want to be healthy.

If you have hypertension you need to document yourself more on your salt intake, and what is causing that hypertension.

Another more expensive way to drink better water for hydration is structured water.
Using devices that change the structure of the water at a mollecular level .Structured water hydrates you 3 times more that tap water.

          There is alkalinized water and there is also small particle watter ,these waters have their uses for sure.
Alkalising the pH if you’re too acidicic like most of us are or better hydrating the body with the smaller particles .
If this subject catched your interest you may want to look up :
Emoto’s water experiment, that takes a more holistic aproach.



Daniel H.

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Rasheeda Goldson · 27th August 2017 at 12:34 am

Wow, this piece of writing is nice, my younger sister is analyzing such things, thus I am going to tell her.|

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