Middle back pain is common to active people aswell as to not so active ones.

Middle back pain is common to active people aswell as to not so active ones. Back pains are very often a major nuisance or even a training impediment.Back pains make our daily lives miserable so I will show you how to treat this specific one and even show you the cause.

If you are having specific pains on the rhomboid major and minor as shown in the picture the problems may well be a muscle imbalance between the rhomboids and the serratus anterior

Let’s look at the anatomy and function of each of these 2 muscles:

The Rhomboid major(we will talk about this one only because they have altmost the same origin and insertion and the same function):

ORIGIN :Spines of T2-T5 and supraspinous ligaments

Insertion: Lower medial border of the scapula.

Action: Retracts scapula. (moves the scapula nearer to the spine)

The serratus anterior, also know as the boxing muscle. If you want to punch hard then train this muscle.Train the previous muscles in order to pull back the hand fast.

The serratus anterior:

Origin: First 1-8 ribs and anterior intercostal membranes from midclavicular line. Lower four interdigitating with external oblique

Insertion: Inner medial border scapula. 1 and 2: upper angle; 3 and 4: length of costal surface ; 5-8: inferior angle

Action: Laterally rotates and protracts scapula

As you can see these muscles are antagonic in action (they have opposite actions) and a muscle imbalance will result in one of them creating a stronger than normal postural contraction to remain in neutral position.

Having shortened serratus anterior and elongated rhomboids will result in back pain and also rounded shoulders and accentuated thoracal Kyphosis. Or, the incorrect posture may even be the cause of this imbalance!

Solution: A quick 5 minute a day fix is to stretch the serratus anterior 3 minutes at least (because by stretching for a long period of time the muscle elongates and loses it’s strength) and work to strenghten the rhomboids to relieve middle back pain.

You can do the 3’rd one while standing up at a wall.

This was the quick fix!

But,  at some point you will want to adress this issue and strengthen the rhomboids so it will be a permanent effect.

Here is a good exercise for the rhomboids: The dumbell row.  You can do it with one dumbell or 2 dumbells at the same time, always try to achieve maximum contraction at the end of the movement so you target the rhomboids more


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Daniel H.

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