Training the triceps!
If you want bigger arms and also want to improve on your bench press a good way is to work on the triceps muscle!

The triceps muscle is a muscle used every day in altmost every action that involves extending the elbow. Example of such actions include: passing a ball, reaching to get the remote, doing a push-up, or even throwing a punch.The muscle is located in the back of the arm. The triceps muscle has 3 heads with one insertion on the  elbow.

Let’s understand the triceps muscle better by knowing where it starts(origin) and where it ends(insertion).

By knowing the origin and insertion of each head we may better understand how to target a head more.

The main action of the Triceps muscle is the extension of the forearm.
How to target each area?
Easy tips to remember:-the more you turn the palms inside (pronation) the more you work the lateral head.
1.The diamond cutter push-up is a good exercise to target the lateral head of the muscle.

The Lateral head:
Origin :Proximal posterior humerus below radial grove
Insertion:Posterior olecranon process of ulna
2.Triceps Pushdowns is a good exercise to target both the inner(long head), medial and outer (short head) part of the triceps by changing the grip.

The Medial head:
Origin: Inferior 2/3 of posterior humerus
Insertion: Posterior olecranon process of ulna
To work the outer part : Allow Elbows to drift appart and palms rotated inside and down like in the picture.
3.To work the inner part of the triceps muscle: Reversed grip with palms UP and elbows near the trunk is a good exercise.

The Long head :
Origin :Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula.
Insertion:  Posterior olecranon process of ulna
-the more you turn the palms outside (supination) the more you work the inside(long head) triceps


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