Bunions are unaesthetical, unpleasing, hurtful and unnecessary

Bunions are unaesthetical, unpleasing, hurtful and unnecessary. Those who say they are genetic are mostly idiots and don’t understand how the muscular system works. Sure, you may have a predisposition to form bunions, but those cases are exceptions. The majority of people form bunions because of a muscular imbalance developed in time by narrow shoes, stilettos, and any other high heel shoe that puts the front of your foot in “chains”.

As a general rule avoid narrow, tight shoes. If you can’t avoid wearing this type of shoes I’ll show you the cause of this deformity and how to fix it. But take note that this will take time depending on the severity of the angulation because this is not just a simple muscle imbalance, the imbalance also created a structural anomaly that will take time to repair.

This imbalance is created by the shortening of the adductor hallucis longus with it’s 2 heads: the oblique head and transverse head and the lengthening and weakening of the abductor hallucis longus.

The adductor hallucis longus :

Adducts and flexes metatarsophalangeal joint of big toe. Supports transverse arch.

The abductor hallucis longus :

Flexes and abducts big toe. Supports medial longitudinal arch.

In time this moves the first phalanx of the foot medially to the first metatarsal and will cause inflammation and an ugly look over a certain angulation because the bones are not in congruence in the articulation.


The bunions can be corrected pasively by wearing a device that puts space between your fingers and helps correct the bunion:

And actively by doing stretches with an elastic band between the 2 hallucis every day.

Extending the big toe and abducting(moving in further from the other fingers) it during the extension. 

And the last method I advise to use it with ease and caution. Pull the toe in it’s length and apply pressure on the bunion while in elongation to try to reinsert the toe in it’s place. USE CAUTION! Do it frequently and with caution!

Do it after you stretched the adductor hallucis longus muscle for an easier result!

And avoid narrow shoes!

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Daniel H.

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