Upper chest workout:
Nobody is turned on seeing a flat chest. If you want to build the chest muscles here’s a short explanation about the anatomy and function of the muscles in the chest region as well as 3 Killer exercises for the upper chest.
The pectoralis muscle is active in actions that involve flexing and adducting the arm.
Here is a Superficial and deep Front view of the muscles in the anterior region of the chest.
Here you can see the Pectoralis Major.
And beneath is the Pectoralis Minor
As you can see targeting the upper chest means targeting the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major!
In order to properly hit the muscle you need to start the movement in a position that first stretches the muscle fibers. In this case, the clavicular head of the pectoralis. And then you shorten the muscle by doing a movement in the direction of the muscle fibers in order to achieve peak contraction.
 1. A good exercise to hit the upper chest are :Cable cross overs . 
With cable exercises you can achieve peak contraction the most as you can perform a more ample and complete movement .
 2.Incline Bench Press.
In the incline bench press you should watch out so that the angle is not too sharp or you will target the deltoids more by having a sharper angle.  In the incline bench press 25-35 degrees are optimal to target the upper portion of the pectoralis major.
Note: The decline bench press is great exercise if you want to focus on targeting the lower portion of the pectoralis major.
3.Front bar/dumbbell press.
You can do this exercise while standing up or for more isolation while sitting down . This exercise targets the upper chest as well as the deltoids and the triceps muscles.
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