A fitness instructor’s and Physical Therapist’s blog about the road to a long and enligthened life.

My name is Daniel .I’m a certified personal trainer and Physical Therapist.

I have always been fascinated with sports ,biomechanics ,nutrition and human physiology and i wish that through this blog I will share with you valuable life enhancing informations that I learned along the years and still am.

Through this blog I will show you a way to have a better lifestyle taking care of the 3 most important things we have .

Here are 3 quotes that summ the most important things we have to look after .

The body :
“Take care of your body.It’s the only place where you have to live.”-Jim Rohn

The mind:
“noun-a beautiful servant
-a dangerous master”

The soul
“You don’t have a soul
YOU are a soul.
You have a body.” C.S.Lewis

You can contact me at fitnessofthegods@yahoo.com or on facebook by pressing the facebook icon.