Cardarine (GW501516)

It’s funny how you have a laundry list of anabolic compounds to pick from when you are looking to build muscle.

But talk about improving cardiovascular strength and none of them even come close.

In fact, some anabolic steroids may be counterproductive to cardio vascular performance, like Trenbolone for example.

Try running up a flight of stairs while you are on a tren cycle and you’ll know what we mean.

We aren’t talking about getting stronger mind you. Steroids might help you run faster. But faster does not necessarily equate to better. Also, there are the amazing side effects that come bundled with roids.

That’s where GW501516 or Cardarine differs.

This slightly controversial old boy from the SARMS world is one of your best bets if you are looking to boost cardiovascular performance in a cutting cycle or even otherwise.Contents  hide  1 The Ultimate Cardio Booster 2 The Other benefits 3 How to run a Cardarine cycle 4 Can you keep the gains after you come off cycle? 5 The controversy surrounding Cardarine 6 Do you need to do a PCT after GW501516? 7 Cardarine vs. Nandrolone

The Ultimate Cardio Booster

GW501516 is a PPAR agonist. It’s not a SARM. But despite the tricky description, both these chemicals work in a very similar fashion.

GW501516 selectively binds itself to androgen receptors that amplify glucose uptake and boost the production of skeletal muscle tissue.

So, the first reaction that we get from a lot of people is that, ‘That doesn’t sound too great.’

Wait till you do a two-week cycle with Cardarine.

Suddenly, you will feel like you have an extra pair of lungs to pump air from.

You can run for miles without getting fatigued. Your HIIT sessions will just get supercharged.

Sex becomes a cakewalk. Anything that tests your cardiovascular capacity just gets a shot in the arm.

If you are lifting heavy, expect to be able to lift a lot heavier without getting burned out.

The feeling is incomparable, we tell you.

And the best part is that this is not the only advantage of running GW.

The Other benefits

Remember what we just mentioned about glucose uptake?

That’s fat loss in a pill without messing with your heart rate (Clen) or giving you jitters all along (Ephedrine).

Here are some of the other benefits of running GW501516 or Cardarine.

  • Torches fat without touching your muscle. It’s a non-catabolic compound. Perfect for severe cuts.
  • Perfect for body recomposition because you will be burning fat and performing intense cardio even when you are bulking. Very little chance of gaining fat.
  • Extremely versatile compound that can be stacked with other SARMS and anabolic steroids.
  • If you are looking at cardio without losing too much muscle or gaining a lot of muscle, two opposite extremes, then Cardarine fits the bill perfectly. It’s the ideal compound for everyone, right from the cross country runner to the cyclist to the bodybuilder.
  • Does not suppress or shut you down. So you won’t be lethargic by week 4, which is an absolute bummer.
  • Does not aromatize.
  • Increases HDL levels by up to 70%. That alone is a great reason to stack it with oral anabolics. Further it reduces LDL levels by up to 30%.
  • You do not need a PCT after using GW.

How to run a Cardarine cycle

As is the case with any SARM, clinical research is still at its infancy and all that we have is anecdotal reports to work with.

Based on that, 10-20mg a day seems to be the sweet spot.

You can either take a single dose or you can divide it into multiple doses, since it has a half-life of about 24 hours.

Many users start with a 10mg dose and bump it up to 20 or 30mg after a few weeks or leading up to a sporting event. (Off topic, it’s banned by WADA. So you’d want to consider the possibility that you may be busted for using it)

There are users who have upped it to 60mg a day without any side effects. But we do not recommend that high a dose. It greatly increases the risk of causing side effects that you can easily avoid.

The ideal cycle time is again a matter of debate. 12-14 weeks seems to be just about right, like the cycle time for other SARMS.

Take a 4-6-week break and you should be good to go again.

Can you keep the gains after you come off cycle?

That’s every athlete’s and bodybuilder’s wet dream, isn’t it? Retaining most of the gains after you come off a compound.

While that’s not possible in the case of other compounds, it may be a possibility when it comes to Cardarine.

The effects of Cardarine typically last for up to 12-weeks after you stop using it. If you start your second cycle after 6-8 weeks, then normally, you should still be experiencing the effects of your previous cycle.

So yeah, GW501516 does let you keep the cardio strength and performance even after you come off it.

The controversy surrounding Cardarine

GW501516 and other PPAR agonists were found to accelerate the formation of cancer cells in different parts of the body in a clinical study.

That study has become the bedrock for ‘Cardarine bashing’ as we call it.

However, there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Cardarine was used with DMBA in the tests, which is known carcinogen.

When Cardarine was used alone, it did not form cancer cells or amplify the production of existing cancer cells.

“Collectively, we showed that PPARβ/δ expression is in reverse correlation with the degree of differentiation in the NPC cell lines, and revealed the anti-tumorigenic effects of GW501516 in NPC cells by activation of AMPKα.”

PPARβ/δ Agonist GW501516 Inhibits Tumorigenicity of Undifferentiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in C666-1 Cells by Promoting Apoptosis

In all fairness, we aren’t scientists or researchers. We can’t predict what would happen twenty years from now if you use Cardarine or any other SARM for that matter.

Alcohol can give you cancer. So can propylene glycol (used in every f’in cream and poo that you can get your hands on) according to a lot of people.

So yeah, use SARMS at your own risk.

Do you need to do a PCT after GW501516?

No you don’t.

Cardarine or GW501516 is considered to be the ‘beer’ of the SARMS world.

It’s a very mild compound and will not shut you down. So, no need to pop the Clomid or the Nolva. Save it for the big, bad boys.

Cardarine vs. Nandrolone

So, how does Cardarine look when we pit it against one of the most widely used anabolic steroids by athletes? That’s Deca for you.

Well, both are as different as chalk and cheese.

Deca will give you crazy strength gains and also allow you to gain lean muscle. Your joints and tendons will be butter smooth. No pains and niggles.

GW501516 on the other hand will increase your cardiovascular strength without too much muscle gain.

Why not stack the two?

You will blow the competition straight out of the water.

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